Security & Protection . . . .

At home you and your family should feel safe and secure and should not have to worry about being burgled whilst you are asleep. You should not be concerned every time you go to work or go on holiday in case an opportunist thief breaks into your home. At work, you and your staff should feel protected against robbery, theft and violent crimes.  We provide fully tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements which can consist or some or all of the following;-

Security & Fire Alarms

A professionally installed security alarm can give you peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Alarms proactively deter criminals and if you are broken into the sounding of the alarm will limit the time they are in your house/premises.

Digital CCTV

Whilst CCTV cannot physically stop a crime from happening it has been considered to be the most effective method of reducing crime according to the British Chamber of Commerce Crime Survey. Should a crime occur it is also vital in understanding what has happened and the recorded images can be used as evidence to catch and convict the perpetrators. We can supply and install a full range of CCTV solutions with most viewable on your smart phone.

Security Lighting

Insufficient outdoor lighting is often a key factor in security breaches that result in home, vehicle or business thefts. If potential offenders can be seen they are less likely to commit a crime against your property. We have lighting solutions that can be tailored around your property with a focus on energy
saving and motion sensor lights.